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Twoleaps is looking to join hands with educators, professionals and industry experts to partner with them as growth enablers for thousands of students in India. What differentiates a mentor from any other person is their ability to bring the best out of other people. Mentors are leaders, believers and friends. At Twoleaps, we believe in humble beginnings. By spending as little as 30 minutes per week in mentorship, you can create success stories in lives of many. Mentors at Twoleaps get to interact online with people seeking growth advice and assist them. Twoleaps platform takes care of all the operations so that both students and mentors can utilize their time efficiently. Being a mentor is a great opportunity to create social impact and influence your community while gaining recognition and a strong network.

About mentor community

Where our mentors are from

  • We have a plethora of diversified talent in our mentor community ranging from software engineers, career counsellors to personality developers. Currently we have people from age group of 23 - 35 years. We are aiming to diversify the age group of our current community. Most of the professionals helping as mentors have more than 3 years of high quality corporate exposure and experience, ranging from startups to service and product side companies.
  • Our current mentors comprise mostly of working professionals from technology companies such as Amazon, Expedia, Flipkart, and Microsoft.

What we believe

  • The core tenet of our mentor community is empathy. We believe that the most important quality of an effective mentor is to understand the problems of a person closely and then arrive to the solution. This process helps create trust between people which is essential for effective collaboration.